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Jolt of Joy

Encourage Others with Bubblz!

By September 5, 2020September 13th, 20202 Comments
Encourage Others with Bubblz - We Rise by Lifting Others Full
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Joyblz! Jolt-of-Joy

Welcome to our first “Jolt of JOY” newsletter. The Joyblz! and I are so happy that you have JOYned us. We hope that this weekly “Jolt of JOY” will uplift you and brighten your day. The Joyblz! character named Bubblz will be featured all this month. Let’s spread some cheer and encourage others with Bubblz!

She’s excited to have you engage with her in some joy-full activities. Here’s a little more about Bubblz:

Name: Bubblz – The Cheerleader.
Special Gift: Spreading cheer.
Purpose: Encourage and cheer on others every day; Fill them up with JOY and help them on their way.

Joyblz! Encourage Others with Bubblz

How does Bubblz Encourage Others?

She is always cheering others on and offering encouraging words. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she helps others believe in themselves and their dreams. Her favorite cheer is: “You can do it, yes you can. Everything is possible. I’ll always be your biggest fan!”

She’s the character that friends and colleagues said most reminded them of me!  I love uplifting others and encouraging them to find the thing that makes their heart sing.

I believe that we all need cheerleaders in our life.  This past week, I cheered up a friend who was feeling down by telling her how much I appreciated her contagious laugh.  We laughed uncontrollably as we played a fun game of laughter hot potato on our Zoom call!

Cheering others up is especially important right now since many people are having a tough time with the coronavirus pandemic, natural disasters, political unrest, and more.

It’s wonderful to see how people are responding during these chaotic times. Whether it’s with positive words painted or taped to windows, stuffed animals being hidden as part of scavenger hunts, sidewalk chalk art, painted rocks, festive lights, and more, they all spread good cheer!  

I recently saw an inspirational sidewalk chalk art message, “We rise by lifting others”, which is featured at the top of this post. It is such a beautiful reminder to spread JOY, smiles, laughter, and positivity!

Here’s your joy-full activity for this week

Be like Bubblz and pick a few people that you can cheer up and cheer on.  Write a card, send an email or text message, pick up the phone, or just take a moment to say something encouraging, such as:

“Wow, I see how you shine your light … I see the spark in you … and you are so amazing!”

When you celebrate and encourage another, you too, will be encouraged. Let’s start a chain reaction of encouragement! You never know you might just change someone’s world. Bubblz and I would love to hear how you spread some cheer.

Please leave your comments and joy-full responses below.     

Joyblz! Joyanne Signature

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  • Avatar for Carol O Carol O says:

    i spoke with 2 friends I haven’t spoken to in awhile. Both said they were uplifted after our call. I will continue to channel Bubblz! Thanks for the reminder.

  • Avatar for ladykyle ladykyle says:

    The Joyblz are really full of inspiration. I am lucky to have my own deck and use it daily for positive, JOY-FULL inspiration. Love this “Jolt of Joy” newsletter with additional info about a Joyblz character. Can’t wait for the next one!