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Joanne (JOYanne)

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Hi, my name is Joanne … also know as JOYanne. I have been doodling and drawing all of my life. It’s a form of meditation for me and I let my imagination take over.

The whimsical characters that I draw, known as the Joyblz!, flow out of me. It’s such a magical process. I don’t know what they will look like until they are finished. Each time I doodle one, I have a new friend. It’s my JOY creating these characters … a place where my heart sings and time stops. I have drawn over 1,000 unique characters and more appear each day!

It’s been my dream to share the Joyblz! with the world. I’m so excited to launch my first two products, the Joy-FULL inspiration and Joy-FULL playing card decks, featuring some of my favorite Joyblz characters!

Joyblz! Bubblz Joyanne CreatorJoyblz! Bubblz Joyanne CreatorJoyblz! Bubblz Joyanne Creator

Bubblz and the Creator

Given that I love to laugh and be silly, I have portrayed myself here as one of my characters named “Bubblz”. Many of my colleagues have said that Bubblz reminds them of me! She has an effervescent personality and her gift is to uplift others with her positivity and high energy! Did you notice the large pom-poms on her head? She’s also known as the “Cheerleader”!

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To learn more about me, and my efforts to spread joy, you are welcome to read the recent articles below:

I hope that you enJOY getting to know the Joyblz! and that they brighten your day!

Share JOY! Receive JOY! Be JOY!