The Joyblz are fun, color-FULL characters from “Joy-us“, a purple heart-shaped planet where they happily reside. Their world is filled with magic and so much joy. They are characters with BIG hearts. It is their mission to share their positive messages to uplift and inspire you!

Joyus - The Joyblz Planet

Joyblz! rhymes with foibles;
it’s how you say their name.
They spark the joy within us,
and want you to do the same.

The Joyblz characters all have names ending in “lz” and engage you to do something along with them. They are inner guides and mentors for everyone, channeling our deepest thoughts and emotions through their antennae. You can call on them and they will help you get into a higher, happier and more joy-FULL frequency.

Some of their favorite words are “Create”, “Smile”, “Dream”, “Dance”, “Cheer” and “Laugh”. They love to ask “how can I help you?” Joyblz! want to spark the magic and JOY that lies within YOU. They are messengers of joy and encourage you to be more play-FULL and joy-FULL! JOYn them on their journey! Let’s all create one moment of joy for ourselves and someone else.

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