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Benefits of Adult Coloring

Coloring with Artistlz

Coloring with Artistlz

By Jolt of Joy

Welcome to our weekly “Jolt of Joy” newsletter. This is Artistlz’ last week in the spotlight; Boodlz will be featured all next month. This week we will learn about the benefits of coloring. Since it is so fun and relaxing, we are hosting a coloring contest and look forward to having you JOYn us! You’ll get a chance to color in a new Joyblz! character and win a free sticker of your choice. So, pull out your crayons, colored pencils, and markers and start coloring with Artistlz!

The image above shows my attempt at coloring in an owl from an adult coloring book that a friend gave me. I found the exercise to be very meditative. It reminded me of all the hours I spent as a child with my crayons and coloring books. I have such fond memories of my mother displaying my artwork on the refrigerator. I also enjoyed participating in the local grocery store’s coloring contests. Continue reading to JOYn our coloring contest and learn more about the benefits of adult coloring …

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