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Explore Nature’s Beauty with Boodlz - Joyblz Artichoke Flower

Explore Nature’s Beauty with Boodlz

By Jolt of Joy

Welcome to our “Jolt of Joy’ newsletter. Last week, you met Boodlz and she shared ways to enJOY this moment. We hope that you did some fun activities to be more present. This week, in addition to announcing the winner of the Joyblz! coloring contest, we are going to use mindfulness techniques to connect with nature. So, let’s explore nature’s beauty with Boodlz!

I got a head start and walked around my neighborhood, bringing my awareness to the many sights, sounds, and smells. Spending time outside in nature was very peaceful and relaxing. I was in awe of the spiny, neon violet looking puffball, pictured above, that caught my eye. When I gazed down, it looked like a brand-new Koosh ball or some type of sea anemone. I couldn’t resist running my hands across it. Would you like to know what this is, view the winning entry, and explore mindful ways to enJOY nature?

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